Stummer Kommunalfahrzeuge

For the majority it is only a refuse collection vehicle

For more than 40 years STUMMER Kommunalfahrzeuge has specialised in refuse disposal techniques with low dust, smell and noise emission levels. At the same time we continuously increase the safety and speed of our products, and thus the efficiency of our bodies, while taking its robustness into consideration. The increasing complexity of the disposal industry requires new ways. Hence the experience we have gained over the past few decades in consulting, in the production and service define the concept of quality for innovative waste management technology.

For the majority it is only a refuse collection vehicle but for us it is an economic concept. Mo matter what type of refuse, areas of waste disposal or containers – we can offer the ideal body for all applications. Despite the various models ranging from 7m3 to 30m3 in volume, the technical concept of the bodies is very similar. The collection container is manufactures according to precise dimensions for each individual chassis, which means the distance between the driver’s cab and the body is kept as small as possible. The advantages are obvious: heavier weight on the steering axle, better handling and manoeuvring, maximum volume.